Frequently Asked Questions for prospective
XP-Series Scooter Buyers

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Q. Is an electric scooter right for me?

A. Of course, that is a very personal question and there are a huge number of reasons.

Q. How fast can a MOTORINO XP-Series Scooter go?

A. All of our XP-series bikes are considered power-assisted bicycles and as such are limited by regulations to 32kph (20mph) top speed.

Q. Does a MOTORINO XP-Series Scooter require insurance?

A. XP-Series scooters require neither a driverís license nor insurance under Canadian and American federal law. Some provinces and states may have restrictions on powered bicycles so it is best to check with local authorities if unsure.

Q. 500 Watts doesnít sound like much, is it enough?

A. Our CCT driving system produces 66Nm (49 Foot-pounds) of torque at zero rpm (a standing start). Although the top speed is restricted according to regulations, an XP-Series Motorino can accelerate faster to that speed than a 50cc gasoline-powered scooter.

Q. How does riding an electric MOTORINO XP-Series compare to a similar gasoline-powered?

A. Electric scooters have several major advantages over gasoline machines:

  • nearly-silent operation
  • full torque available at 0 rpm
  • no poisonous exhaust fumes or fuel vapours (so you could even park one in your living room)
  • no hot exhaust pipes
  • considerably lower maintenance
  • no gas-powered scooter can be operated legally without insurance and a driver`s license

Q. What is the maximum range of a fully charged MOTORINO?

A. The standard-equipment 20Ah lead-acid battery pack, when new, can carry a 200lb rider 35-40km under normal riding conditions. In ideal conditions, a rider maintaining steady speed on flat ground can cover up to 50km. Please consider that range is highly dependent on many factors (such as payload weight, tire inflation, topography, riding style, etc) and that most EV vendors will exaggerate their range specs. Please donít mistake our honesty for an inferior drive system; ours is one of the best in the industry.

Q. Can the range of a MOTORINO XP-Series Scooter be increased?

A. A lithium battery pack pack is available as an option or upgrade and the most ideal way to increase range. Our LiFePO4 battery pack will give 65km under normal conditions and up to 75km on level ground, plus make the bike more fun to ride because it`s only about half the weight of the lead-acid pack. Some models, such as the Xph, Xpr, and XPn, can accept a smaller secondary lead-acid battery pack that boosts range by about 20km, but at the cost of adding a fair bit of weight. WIth custom fabrication, the MOTORINO Xpr and Xpn are capable of carrying 2 full sets of batteries within their frame. Some modification is required, but this configuration would offer a range of 80km with lead and up to 130km with lithium under normal conditions (and the double-pack lithium-equipped bike would be not much heavier than a standard lead-acid bike).

Q. How much does it cost to charge the battery on a MOTORINO XP-Series?

A. The standard-equipment MOTORINO battery pack holds just under one kilowatt-hour of electricity. Factoring-in the small charging losses, it works out to about 10 cents at BC Hydro`s 1st-tier rates. Per kilometer, that is about 0.25 Cents ($0.0025)!

Q. Can a MOTORINO XP-Series handle steep hills?

A. Thanks to our CCT driving system, XP-Series scooters can push a 170lb rider (without cargo) up grades as steep as 22% (12 degrees). On such a steep hil, the bike will climb slowly, but will not stall until the batteries are depleted. Their negligible ``voltage sag`` and lower weight means that bikes powered by lithium batteries will usually be much peppier on hills.

Q. What is the point of the pedals?

A. Those determined to do so can pedal their e-scooters to assist the motor and increase range however the pedals are there primarily to satisfy legal requirements. The regulations allowing them to be operated without license or insurance require that pedals remain attached and functional while an electric bike is in operation.

Q. Are MOTORINO XP-Series scooters waterproof?

A. While you canít ride underwater, youíll be fine in even the most torrential downpour. As a Vancouver-based company we know a few things about riding in the wet. Our prototypes undergo testing in rain simulation cells to ensure water resistance. That said, the battery charger, however, must be kept dry at all times.

Q. Why does a MOTORINO XP-Series cost nearly twice as much as some other scooters?

A. Since they are considered bicycles by law, sub-500W electric scooters donít need to be built to motor-vehicle standards and so corners are cut to achieve a low price. Despite this, we build our XP-Series scooters with materials and components which would satisfy Canadian motor vehicle standards, as well as offer generally better quality and performance features such as front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, DOT-Spec tires, and the overbuilt CCT driving system. Another factor in pricing is the after-sales support; is there any? MOTORINO bikes are backed by the best warranty and largest spare-parts inventory in Canada.

Q. Which XP-Series scooter is best for me?

A. Since all XP-Series scooters share the same fundamental power-train and design, your decision will likely be based on visual appeal and practical matters such as seat height, cargo storage compartment capacity and security, and whether or not the battery pack is user-removable/swappable. For detailed specs on each XP-Series scooter, visit our scooter product pages. Of course, to really know which one is the best fit for you, you need to take a test ride.

Q. Where can I test drive a MOTORINO?

A. Please contact your nearest MOTORINO dealership.

Q. Can a MOTORINO XP-series scooter be modified for higher speed and/or torque?

A. In short, no. Any unauthorized modification of the scooter will void its warranty. Since they are already as fast and powerful as regulations allow, a ďboostedĒ scooter will also be an illegal one. Such bikes can be impounded by law enforcement and riders charged with operating an unregistered and uninsured motor vehicle.