Since its introduction in 2002, MOTORINO™ (a registered trademark of Greenwit Technologies  Inc.) has become the premiere brand of electric motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles in Canada while earning a reputation for superior design, performance, quality, and customer support.

Unlike most purveyors of electric bikes who simply browse Asian markets for off-the-shelf models and components (and are seemingly content with lacklustre products), Greenwit Technologies proactively develops innovative electrical & mechanical parts and specifies high-quality materials and processes in order to achieve top-tier performance and reliability. As a result, all current MOTORINO™ models have been either partially or completely developed by Greenwit Technologies. A shining example of our dedication to EV research and development is our revolutionary CCT drive system.

Of course, a superior product is still only one part of the value equation…especially when it comes to a major long-term investment such as an electric vehicle. That is why every new MOTORINO™ is backed by the best warranty in the business and, because a warranty is only as good as the issuer’s ability to honour it, MOTORINO™ maintains the largest spare parts inventory and dealer service network in Canada.